Creating a Business Fan Page on Facebook

Posted by J. Prevost on 2010-11-05

First of all we should talk about why you need a Facebook page.

Facebook pages for your business have become a necessity in recent years and the reason is because they are easy to update, get a message out and they just work. How many times do you find yourself about to make an online purchase and you decide to check out the company’s Facebook fan page to see if they are offering any coupon codes or specials? Or maybe they have Facebook only deals that you might look at? Or you just want to see how many fans they have to judge how popular they are in the social media world to increase your comfort level when getting ready to give them credit card information. After all, if they have 100,000 fans on Facebook, they must be doing something right. For any of these reasons, plus hundreds more, Facebook fan pages have great purpose.

If you don’t have a Facebook business page, you are not allowing your shoppers to find some of the comfort they may be looking for when making a purchase and it could be costing you sales. So why not make it easy by giving the shopper what they want, and promoting it properly on your own website so that they can find it easily? Here’s a simple guide to setting up your own Facebook business page.
Make sure you are logged into your Facebook account and visit the following link:

At this point, you’ll be presented with two options. Create a Community page or an Official page. In this case we are creating a business page so we need to choose the Official page option and enter a desired page name. It’s probably best to choose something brand related here using your company name.

Next, check the little box next to “I'm the official representative of this person, business, band or product and have permission to create this Page.” And click the Create Official Page button.

Your Business page is now live and ready. Now comes the fun part, making a Facebook Business page come to life. Facebook makes this easy as well by presenting you the Getting Started tab that only you see as an administrator of the page.
The getting started tab has a list as follows:

Now spend some time creating photo albums of your products or services and links to some of your website pages that have interesting content.
That’s all it takes to create a basic business page. The limits are really endless to what you can do. With some FBML language knowledge, we’ve setup stores right on the business page so sales can be made without leaving Facebook, as well as custom landing pages and integrated newsletter signups to collect those important email addresses for future email marketing.

Once you’ve finished setting up your business page using this guide, let us know and we’ll add you to our favorite pages on our own fan page and help get the word out!

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